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Does you child need extra help to feel confident at school? Learning a second language is always challenging but can also be overwhelming at times. Having a tutor who can focus on areas where a child requires help can make a significant difference in his/her learning. Private tutoring is offered after school or in Summer.

At Club jeunesse our goals are to strengthen French language skills your child acquired during the school day. We offer a unique experience to participate in French cultural activities and to have fun, "en français"!

Daily activities:

  • Chat and snack

We start are Club Jeunesse by sitting together in circle talking about our day and having a snack - creating a relax and sharing atmosphere.

  • Run and Play

Weather permitting we go outside for 15-20 minutes providing oxygen to young brains to prepare them for homework/reading time.

  • Homework/reading time

Monitor(s) will supervise and help with homework. If the child doesn’t have homework, the monitor will assist with their reading or other needs.

  • Craft and Games

We end the day with fun activities such as crafts, role play and other games.

Club jeunesse runs Tuesday to Thursday from 2:30 to 5:00 PM at École Puntledge Park School.

To register or for more information please contact us.


About us

Key Language Solutions was founded by Édith Jacob a certified teacher with 20 years experience in teaching French as a second language to adults and children. She is totally committed to providing high quality service to KLS clients.

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