French Classes

Planning on travelling? Looking for new job opportunities? Have a child in a French program at school?
Or just wanting to keep your brain sharp?

Private Lessons

Because they have specific needs or because their schedule won't allow them to join a regular class, some people prefers one on one lessons. 

Goals are set in concert with the student. Classes are usually one hour long and are scheduled to suit the student's needs.

Group Classes

 Everyone has different reasons and objectives for learning French. Our priority is to help you meet your goals by providing a class reflecting your needs and interests. 

Different levels are offered in small group settings providing plenty of opportunities for the oral practice you need for your French to progress. Classes run for 2 hours a week for 10 weeks at the francophone school École Au-coeur-de-l’île in Comox. For upcoming classes, contact us.

Student Tutoring

Does you child need extra help to feel confident at school? 

Learning a second language is always challenging but can also be overwhelming at times. Having a tutor who can focus on areas where a child requires help can make a significant difference in his/her learning. Private tutoring is offered after school or in Summer.